Salary Benchmark Report Amsterdam 2022

Salary Benchmark Report Amsterdam 2022 | RocketX-1


In 2021, we launched the first edition of the salary benchmark report Amsterdam, this was well received by scaleups and talent. Since then, we’ve launched reports about Berlin and Munich, with many more cities to follow.

The now-published second Amsterdam edition offers the opportunity to compare salary trends in the Amsterdam region with those in 2021 and in other major European tech hubs. And it’s fair to say, a lot has changed. Two issues in particular:


High demand for Sales and HR talent

Salaries at scale-ups increased across the board in 2022 compared to 2021, by an average of 4.6%. Interestingly, in addition to tech talent, demand for Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives also increased sharply, resulting in a salary increase for these positions of 11.8% on average. The same trend can be seen for HR and Talent Acquisition roles, with an increase in salary of 7% on average.

Salaries for junior and medior roles are increasing relative faster than for senior roles

Over the last years the German scaleup ecosystem has flourished, with Berlin as the #1 most active start-up location in Germany. But Munich is growing closer to Berlin being one of the leading startup hubs in Europe. In recent years, Munich is consistently ranked among the top 10 best startup cities in continental Europe, closely competing with the likes of Stockholm, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Some even mention Munich as the fourth tech hub in Europe, after Berlin, London and Paris.


Worth looking into, if you ask us! Of course that’s not all! Curious to learn more about the current situation? You can download the full report here.