Why I joined RocketX: Danai Pappa Krosse

RocketX - Danai Pappa Krosse

Our Talent Business Partner tells us everything about her experiences, ambitions, and why she joined RocketX in Athens.


As part of the founding team at RocketX’ brand-new office in Athens Danai Pappa Krosse is helping scale-ups attract the right talent. But what made her join RocketX in Athens, and what are her future ambitions as a rocketeer? Let’s find out…


Recruiting talent is something that I really enjoy

Danai grew up in Volos, Greece, where she usually still spends her summers, and we understand why. After her study International & European Affairs in Athens she started working in sales. And as the pandemic changed the entire world, it made Danai discover a new passion.

“My background is mostly in sales, and more specific retail. I used to work in a lovely boutique in the heart of Athens, this place taught me a whole lot about everything! This cycle was over for me when Covid started, which was when I moved over to one full on year in sourcing/recruiting for an expert network company.”

As spontaneous as the decision was, it definitely wasn’t a poor choice. “It helped me realise that recruiting is something that I can do well and most importantly I enjoy it.” She says.

A place where all voices are heard

Even though the company Danai worked at wasn’t a perfect cultural fit, she wasn’t looking for a new opportunity just yet. Well, until our Talent Business Partner Emma reached out.

“To be honest, I wasn’t thinking of leaving my current company at that time. But when Emma presented me with an opportunity which required more responsibility, closer teamwork, and at a place where all voices are heard, I simply couldn’t say no.” Says Danai.

Now that she’s with RocketX for over a month, Danai is thinking about future plans and how she hopes to see her career develop. Besides enhancing her soft and hard skill-set, she can’t wait to network within the world of scale-ups and be among talented colleagues. But most importantly she adds. “Establish the Athens office and contribute to its growth, and who knows maybe in the future, I could be the one helping establish a new RocketX office somewhere else in the world.”

The people at RocketX are real go-getters

If teamwork and collaboration are some of your strong suits, then RocketX could definitely be a great fit for you, according to Danai.

“The work environment in the office is great. People here are go-getters and want to develop themselves, I believe that being surrounded by the right people is what eventually contributes to personal and professional success.”

As for those looking to join RocketX, Danai believes it’s important to have a drive to excel, have the right energy and not take yourself too seriously.

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